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Celebs & Sexting 101: Does and Don’ts


We all know that sending a dirty message once in a while, keeps the passion in the relationship. But what if you are seeing someone on the side? How do you keep the your partner from finding out from finding out? This is simpler than you think, You don’t have a record of it. Just like with bookies you keep this “illegal” activity off the books. Learn from celebs..

  1. As I listed the most important, is not to have any evidence to incriminate yourself with.
  2. If you do feel the need to send a message, leave a message(Please don’t call), write a letter, moss code, never ever sign/mention your name.
  3. Read 1
  4. If you do get messages of send them, make sure you know how to use your phone. on most phones nowadays deleting doesn’t mean deleting. It may still be on your phone somewhere… be sure to find and delete the delete folder.
  5. Read 1 again
  6. Get a Pay as you go phone that can not be traced to you, and hide it very well. never turn the ringer on, leave it hidden in your car(should she find it, deny that its your friends)
  7. Control: Never go overboard when sending messages, in the event that these messages somehow finds its way into the wrong hands.  Here are two examples.. You can find more at the Sun
  • Shane Warne(Australian Cricketer): Sent messages to his mistress after having sex with her on the hood of his BMW “Can’t wait to f*** u again”
  • David Beckam and Rebecca Loos:

DB : When u start your job? (Rebecca left sports agents SFX in November)

RL: Sign contract next week. Can’t stop smiling jumping around.

DB: Happy for you. If you have any jumping around to do come here.

RL: Where?

DB: At the hotel?

RL: Which?

DB: Same one as last time – but a lot of press today might not be a good idea. Maybe next time.

RL: OK will stop jumping and save it for when I see you and just keep smiling till then.

DB: OK, you need to save all that energy for ****.

RL: Is it ****.

DB: Very, very ****, thinking of your **** and the *****.

RL: Remember the last time your tongue was all over me I have never **** so hard.

DB: Now I am doing something, thinking about your ****.

RL: ******* your ****, feeling you **** deep down my ******

DB: Can’t wait for that. When can we do this and where?

RL: It’s difficult. You know best. Me always free.

DB: OK we have to try.

And the Saga continues …

RL: U made me so horny the other day had nightmare trying to focus. U playing tonight?

DB: Playing tonight and playing now which is good for me. Glad I can still do that to you.

RL: That and so much more. When am I going to feel u?

DB: Where do you want to feel me most?

RL: Your tongue ** **** ** **** ***** then softly on my **** **** *** **** ** ** mouth and u choose from there.

DB: OK that’s what will happen then. What u doing now?

RL: Playing with my nipples, waiting for more, enjoying every second.

DB: Shame I can’t hear and see that. Would be nice to join in.

RL: U can join in any time u want and way you want.

DB: Where are u, in your bedroom?

RB: Yes am home alone.

DB: Can just imagine how *** *** **** u are.

RL: U should see me, naked with only white cotton G-string.

DB: Love the sound of that cotton just *** *** *** ***** getting more *** and your *** all nice *** ***.

RL: Call me then and you’ll hear the real sound.

Beckham calls but instantly hangs up after laughing.

RL: Did you hang up or was that me? Was just about about to get started!

DB: Someone just came in my room. S*** I was looking forward to that. Have u any of my stuff that you need bring round to me?

RL: What sort of stuff? Why, u at hotel? What do u need? I haven’t **** yet, u bastard.

DB: Any stuff u need to bring to the house one night. I am away right now. Just lay back and think of what I done to you and *** *** ****.

RL: Sorry for the delay but just **** so **** and ****. Am sure I can find something to give u. R u still same house?

DB: Yes. And I’m sure u have something to give me and am sure it tastes good.

RL: Well just think about it and when safe etc let me know … just u me in the dark alone…well candlelit dark.

DB: Not a problem, we will have fun.

RL: It was nice to hear u laugh. When I see u I want to hear u groan and moan. I can’t wait.

DB: Don’t worry, you will and I want to hear u scream

Just remember you don’t want to order the “Kobe special“, so don’t pull a Kobe or a Tiger or a whatever. keep it straight old school.  If you take nothing away from this read, just go back to number 1 and make sure you take that with you.

If you Do cheat and you feel the need to tell, make sure everything is in your terms and not cause of a text, phone call, or some nude pics. You be the captain of your fate, and don’t let the little guy let you down.

Thanks to the sun for some inspiration

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