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CEA end of the year Market Data and Analysis


At the CES Press preview on Nov 9th, we got preview to some interesting market analysis data presented by CEA CFA ,Chief Economist and Director of Research Shawn Dubravac & Director of Industry Analysis Steve Koenig. Which gives some good in-site into how the Tech industry is fairing overall during this economic down turn, what market items are favourable this holiday season and what market trends to look for in 2011 and beyond. What’s interesting to note is some of our own personal predictions here at Booredatwork, ( thanks to our own great in-depth market research, Smile) have been confirmed by some hard data given by the CEA.

  • Consumer spending on gift are estimated to go back to Pre-recession levels at 73%
  • Total holiday spending will increase this holiday segment of +3% ( uncertainty economy and job loss)
  • Consumers are allocating more gift budgets to consumer electronics from 29% to 31 % in 2010
  • Demand side 85% of adults are demanding some sort of technology gift this holiday.
  • Top of the list for tech holiday gifts; iPad, e-readers.
  • Within teens strong resonation with Apple products
  • More consumers looking at more tech from 66% to 70% 2009-2010
  • More use of social media and Mobile markets
  • over the last 18month sales have become event driven. Black Friday as an even has become a marketing Brand and been pushed onto earlier months
  • Google data on Black Friday shown it is a highly driven search term

#2 Bundling

Bundling options to increase in 2010, with more variety and options

#3 50% rule

Half of the annual vol of new tech coming in the 4th quarter of the year

Some new product category that can take advantage of this rule

Tablets, connected devices, game accessories, 3D TV

Consumer gift specifics

Videogame accessory, Consoles, MP3 players, Tablets, Smartphones,

2011 Trends

1) Portability vs Pocket ability

The battleground in the screen spectrum. what technology devices fill fall within the 5-15 inch screen range

2) Pushing Past the Primary purpose

Vehicles ( ford & Audi),

3) Miniaturization and ‘Sensor’ization

sensors are smaller, less expensive, ubiquitous, allowing implementation to different avenues.

Sensors to look for, Microphone, cameras, Accelerometer, Gyro, GPS, Capacitive and resist touch sensing

4) Amplification to ‘App’lification

More of a device to source platform : Sources of acquisition of Apps.

Cross platform connectivity of apps

Things to look for at CES

Form factor 4-13in

Os: Android, WebOS, iOS, Home grown

Capative v Resistive Touch

Integration of the other sensing technology

App ecosystem

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