‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ Trailer with a co-op campaign


Another year and another Call of Duty. This time “Black Ops 3”. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (set to arrive November 6 on PC, Xbox One and PS4) brings campaign co-op to the franchise for the first time. The entire campaign will be playable co-operatively by up to four players online (or two players locally). The addition of up to three campaign players meant building bigger combat arenas, better AI, and adding social features for showing off medals and achievements.

“This Call of Duty campaign is all about choice. Your investment in your character is going to mean something more than it ever has before in any Call of Duty game,” Studio Head Mark Lamia says. He hopes that with upgradeable abilities and the opportunity to play campaign missions with friends will lead to more replayability in the game’s narrative-driven mode. “Narratively? It’s just mind fuckery,” Lamia laughs, saying he wants to keep a shroud of mystery around the story in Black Ops 3. What is known is the campaign will continue the story of Black Ops 2, in a near-future war where soldiers have begun to augment their bodies to become more lethal killing machines.

For the first time in the franchise’s history, the campaign’s protagonist is fully customizable. In addition to upgrading abilities, changing your character’s appearance and tweaking weapons, players can pick the gender of their Call of Duty hero. “It’s not just a female head on a male body. It’s a different set of animations for the entire game,” Lamia says. Character interaction will even differ based on the protagonist’s gender. “We knew we were going to do fully unique male, fully unique female for all scenes and all the customization that goes for both. Thank God for Blu-ray, right?” Campaign Director and Senior Executive Producer, Jason Blundell, jokes, adding the game’s protagonist is fully voiced regardless of gender.