Bower & Wilkins P3 Headphone Review

Bower & Wilkins are no strangers to excellence. A few months ago we got our hand son the P5 Mobile Hi-Fi headphones and we feel in love instantly. Today we try our hands on the smaller brother to the P5’s, the P3. The Bower & Wilkins P3 are designed in a similar vein as the P5, with headphones being collapeable  with a well styled metallic frame. . The Bower & Wilkins P3 comes with a unique damping system that provides the optimum balance of stiffness and flexibility. The headphones can be folded to slip easily into a jacket pocket, or for storage in their own specially designed hard-shell carry case. he bespoke fabric covering the pads provides acoustic transparency in the center, while forming a perfect seal around the edge for better bass and noise isolation. The pads are made from heat-sensitive memory foam that moulds to the shape of your ears, becoming more comfortable and enhancing sound quality. Bowers & Wilkins headphones are designed to reveal the true sound of your music, bringing you as close as possible to the sound the artists and studio engineers wanted you to hear.

As always the acoustics created by these headphones are outstanding, creating very solid mids and crisp highs and clear lows. Which is to be Expected from Bower & Wilkins. The headphones are also very comfortable and feel like something you would wear fro hours on end. Priced at $199 the Bower & Wilkins P3 definitely justify the price and outclass its competition in the price range.