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Bottom up shower??? What? and most of all why…

I guess this feeds into one of those things that the guys would love to have at their pool side parties where all the lovely ladies are in they bikinis… I’m not sure why one would need one, but hey, it shoots water therefore it’s a shower.


You may not even notice that little round platform on which this gorgeous model is standing, but it’s a Viteo Garden Shower, getting her all wet from the ground up. This was originally one of those design concepts with little chance of finding its way to market, but now it’s actually shipping. Beyond its ability to refresh curvaceous young cuties, how does it work?

Just hook up a hose, and the 2.5-foot diameter disk starts spouting water. While it appears that the jets are situated around the perimeter of this disk, it still might be a rather bracing experience to have streams of cold hose water goosing you from below.

Of course, I can anticipate our commenters mentioning that they would like to goose this lovely model from below. But if you buy one of these, you’ll be the one goosed, because we’re still wondering if its £469 ($930) price is a typo.

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