BlueAnt PUMP HD Waterproof Headphones Review

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Finding a pair of headphones that do it all can be a real struggle. Most of the high quality and rich sounding headphones are overpriced and don’t accommodate all a consumer’s needs. BlueAnt knows this and is trying to attack a specific segment of consumers who know what they want and need, but don’t have too many good options to choose from. The PUMP HD Waterproof Headphones are meant for the health conscious and active consumer. Gym rat, these are for you. On the swim team, these are for you. Take morning runs, these are for you. BlueAnt has looked to attack all angles to make this the best possible fit for this target market.


Although these headphone are on the medium to large size for being in-ear, they more than make up for it with the color options and design cues. You can get these headphones in either blue, green ice, or black. We reviewed the black model, and because of its wireless look, we’ve received looks and questions about it, so it’s definitely a looker. The right ear buds use soft matte keys for play/pause, skip forward and back keys for on the go track control. I ended up never using them as it’s more practical to take out your phone. If they omitted this feature, the headphones might have been smaller.


Being wireless is by far the greatest feature to these headphones. The convenience of no wires and flexibility in how you move while being active is priceless. To test the waterproof feature of the PUMP HD headphones, I took a night run in the rain for half an hour. Results were mixed as the headphones continued to play without a hitch, but because of my ear size (small), the rain affected the ability of the headphones to stay in my ear. Again, this is a personal experience that isn’t ubiquitous amongst all wearers.

Connecting the headset to your device (track skipping functionality only works on iOS devices) is a seamless experience. You put the device into pairing mode and connect on your iOS device. Takes about 5 seconds to recognize and connect. Once done, BlueAnt has included a genius feature that allows you to monitor the battery life of the headset on your iOS device. It appears right next to the Bluetooth notification in the upper right hand corner. Now, the headset uses LED lights to showcase battery life, but while on the go, this feature is extremely convenient and should be implemented in all Bluetooth devices.

Sound Quality

The PUMP HD headphones had surprisingly good sound quality during my experience. Usually, Bluetooth headphones don’t bode well in this category, but BlueAnt has really outdone themselves. It’s a little on the dim side when it comes to max volume, which is odd due to the 12mm drivers inside, but it makes up for it with great noise cancellation in the surrounding environment. Even when doing heavy activities, the outside world was tuned out and all I could focus on was the music being played through my ears. Details could be discerned without much effort, and due to the headset coming with extra small, medium, and large ear plugs, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot to fit your comfort needs.

Battery Life

BlueAnt claims you can get about 8 hours of continuous playback with their headphones. With a 2 hour charge time. I found this to be extremely accurate. I actually got about 8.5 hours of playback while running and working out, so updating the software on your iOS device may play a factor in Bluetooth battery control. These are great numbers for being a Bluetooth headset. Since the device charges with Micro USB, you can use your existing phones charger (non-iOS).


Whenever I see headphones priced over $100, I cringe. Hard justifying a pair that is really worth those precious dollars, but the PUMP HD Waterproof Headphones don’t give me that feeling. For $129, these headphones provide a great bang for your buck. Let it be known that these headphones aren’t meant for everyone. It caters to a specific market of consumers, but if you fit in that category, these headphones are definitely for you.