BLINGSTING – “Pepper Spray so cute, it hurts!”


Who doesn’t need a more Bling Bling in their life? Most of us are constantly accessorizing to match our lifestyle , so attention to detail is everything. So then where does safety also become fashionable? Meet BLINSTING, your fabulously glamourized pepper spray, sparkles and all.

Blingsting is a compact canister of pepper spray inside a fashionable rhinestone case attached to a gold clip/caribiner to attach to your purse, backpack, or keychain. Inside is ½ ounce OC of pepper spray, with a convenient red safety latch. You simply swivel it to the side and press down to spray the offender. It comes in eight different colors, which each have their own name such as “Hot Mama”, “Socialite”, “Reality Star”, “Smokeshow”, etc. I absolutely love the names, and of course settled on “Golden Girl”. These are refillable. However, if you want variety, you can buy one of their “buncha BS” collections, for $80, four colors each

And just in case you are looking to add more to your “Super-Sparkly Safety Stuff”, they also make the “Ahhh!-larm”. Also $22, this is heart shaped, blinged-out personal alarm and LED safety light. Once you pull the pin, a 120 decibel alarm sounds instantly. What color am I getting?

At $22, Blingsting is a must-have accessory. It You can find very helpful information on their site about guidelines of use, and which states have shipping and licensing limitations. For example, for folks in Massachusetts, you must obtain a Firearm ID card first, and cannot be shipped to an individual. Rather pepper spray can only be sent to a licensed distributor.  And to close, here are alarming statistics that you can also find on their site:

  • One in every four women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus
  • Every 2 minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted
  • 80% of victims are under the age of 30 years old
  • Most assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows
  • Assaults on women over iPhones are on the rise