BlackBerry Z30 review: I still love you

BlackBerry Z30-1 Oh Blackberry, I still love you. I am trying out the Z30, and love it so far. What is different? It isn’t anything earth shattering, rather simple differences that help.
The Z30 is operating on BB 10.2 operating system, with a slightly faster Dual Core Qualcom Snapdragon processor, at 1.7GHz. For memory and performance, there is no change to memory capacity and expandable storage over the Z10. However, it does have a longer battery, at 2880 mAh. That alone is a fabulous improvement. There are dual integrated speakers, for better music listening and call quality.
Simple details like swiping up to wake up the phone, just as with the other models, just makes things faster for me. Any extra gestures tend to drive me nuts. As with the others, the Blackberry Hub makes a lot of sense to me, and helps me filter out what I don’t feel like scrolling through. Even changing settings on the camera is simple and straightforward. The camera resolution is the same as the Z10, 8mp rear facing, and 2mp front facing.
On the larger side, it has a 5″ display, and Amoled screen. I can definitely notice the difference handling it. The screen seems rounded at the edges, and feels sleek. It has a look more similar to other manufacturer’s devices. Usually you can spot a Blackberry with a quick glance, but this reminds me more of Android devices. The textured logo and backing are pretty easy to grip and not slip. As with other Blackberry models, there are the standard volume control buttons, and shortcut or favorites key.
Lastly, the Blackberry Z30 has QI- wireless charging technology, whereas the Z10 does not. There are quite a few charging systems out there. With non-QI systems, you need a corresponding and compatible case in order to use the wireless charging. You would need no extra accessory in order to charge this wirelessly with a QI device.
All in all, of course you know I am a Blackberry lover and give it a thumbs up. But it truly feel it has some important improvements for power users. BB!!!!!!