BlackBerry Q5 Review- Small steps Forward

BlackBerry Q5 (1) The BlackBerry Q5 came out last summer, and yes its taken us over 6 months to finally do a review on this little device that could. The Q5 is a full QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry that is designed in the same frame work as the 10. Its sports a 3.1-inch 720 by 720 display, a rear 5MP camera, 8GB internal storage ( 32GB microSD expansion). The Q5 runs the latest BlackBerry 10 OS and is runs very well for its 1Ghz dual-core processor, though it does benefit from having 2GB of ram.

The charms of the BlackBerry Q5  is not all about the hardware, well except for the QWERTY keybaord, which I must admit is still the best way to type or key-in on a smartphone. It simply works well, also you have a device that is power efficient, lasting for more than 3 days on continuous use. Overall this was a fun little device to use, an its pricing does help at $258 to be a decided that anyone case easily pickup. I hope with this and the upcoming Q20 we see more QWERTY keyboard devices that add a little spark to BlackBerry. till then enjoy the video review below.


  • QWERTY Key works great
  • Ample phone size
  •  Outstanding battery life