Beyerdynamics DX 120 IE Review

WP_20140226_00_48_09_Pro By now you should know I love Beyerdynamic products, almost every piece of headphones I have used from them have been stellar. The DX 120 in-ear headphones are no exception, priced at $99 you get a well crafted piece of audio equipment that is a whole lot of value.  The DX 120 iE is supplied with a flat, tangle-free cable for easy handling and convenience. Should you need this to stretch a little further, an extension cable is also included in the package. Full-metal-housings, attractive anodized surfaces, shiny aluminium rings and careful attention to detail make the DX 120 iE a headphone with quality you can see and touch. Sturdy design, rugged TPE-material and a 45°

The audio produced by the DX 120IE is outstanding. You get clean clear crisp sound, though not a lot of bass. Which is a trade off I can accept. But the highs, mids and lows are well placed. What you get here is a sounding in-ear headphones with great sound and balanced audio that is full worth the price.


Key Features

  • Lay flat cables,
  • Comfortable to wear
  • robust audio
  • Cost effective price ($99)