Beyerdynamic A200p Headphone Amplifier Review: Fantastic

Beyerdynamic A200p-3 I will tell you off the bat that I am not the biggest fan of amplifiers be it living room or otherwise. So here I am reviewing the beyerdynamic A200p Hi Fi Headphone Amplifer,I got this at CES and decided to give it a solid 2-3 week try on how well it would help my listening experience. The Beyerdynamic A200p is built to  circumvents the internal signal processing of the connected player and receives the pure digital music data first. After converting the digital data to analogue music signals, a high-quality amplifier controls the output to the connected headphones. All of this results in a level of audio quality that was previously not possible for travelling audiophiles. Yes, it does just that; the A200 p improves every aspect of your listening expereince from the lows, mids to your highs and well as a well balanced bass increase that allows your music to pop. The A 200 p retails for $299, and yes that might be expensive for some. but the price is definitely worth its purchase.

As I mentioned in the video review, the A 200p headphone Amplifier works with both Android and iOS devices, with out the need of an app. Simply use the required connector to your iOS or android device via lighting port or Micro-USB. Then connecting your headphones to the A 200p. With that you get volume control with 135 levels, DAC with up to 24 bit resolution at 96 kHz sampling frequency and just better sound quality overall.  I really enjoy using the Beyerdynamic A 200p , even with my high end headphones, its added richness to my music and given me a new listening layer to experience.

  • Volume control with 135 levels
  • LED display for charging, operation and volume
  • 3 buttons for music playback/pause and skipping forward and backward
  • On/off switch with locking function
  • DAC with up to 24 bit resolution at 96 kHz sampling frequency
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with up to 11 hours operating time
  • 1/8” (3.5 mm) mini stereo jack headphone connection
  • Leather case, USB cable and Lightning/micro USB cable included