Best Smartphones under $200 for the Holidays!

You’re looking to buy a smart phone, you can’t afford to pay a thousand bucks, 700, 500, that’s too much for you. You want to get something that’s budget but also pretty good. Well, I’ve got five devices for you that are under $200 this holiday season that I think would be a great pick up. Now, these devices are part of the Amazon Prime exclusive devices so what it means is that these cell phones cost less because you’ll be running a few Amazon ads.

Now, on all devices the ads are really unobtrusive, usually on a lock screen or within the Amazon app itself and you’re getting still pretty close to stock or let’s say spans between whatever device it is. Now, in terms of prices you see all the prices on the screen but as I mentioned they’re going to be all under $200. Let’s start off with the very first set of devices. These are the Moto E4 devices. The Motor E4 and the Moto E4 Plus. Both devices retail for $99 for a Moto E4 and the E4 Plus is $119. They’re both powered by the Snapdragon 425 processors. The [inaudible 00:01:01] fingerprint sensor is on there so basically $700 smart phone now for $120 smart phone with fingerprint sensor, really fast and snappy for what you get with them. They’ve got decent cameras and, again, you’re going to get some really good battery life, almost all day battery life with these devices so that’s pretty good.

Now, the next device is the Alcatel E50. The E50 is around a hundred and something, like 120. What’s really cool about this device is a lot of the customizable features with it. It’s got a snap back setup so you can actually change the back covers. There’s a light up cover that changes with every music or by wallpaper you have so it lights up and it showcases. You can also do a speaker snap back. It’s very customizable in that sense. If you want something, again, is affordable, that has a little more flair to it, the E50 is probably the device for you to go with I think there. I think a lot of people will like that if you’re looking for something a little bit more fun, on the fun side. In terms of processing, of course this is running in a Snapdragon [inaudible 00:02:02] processor in here. Really nice, simple, clean performance all the way through.

Now, our next device is something I really like, especially the fact that it’s come back. It’s the Nokia 6. Nokia’s finally back in the game, it’s running on the Snapdragon 430 processor, really snappy in terms of performance. You’ve got some nice cameras, 1200 E megapixel, [inaudible 00:02:21] ware. It’s close to a stock android experience with this. It’s got a fingerprint sensor on there. Solid build on this device. Again, battery life is close to an all day experience. The pricing is about 179 and you’re getting something that looks really premium but also pricing is under that $200 so that is something to definitely pick up this holiday season.

Our final device is the Alcatel Idol 5S. The 5S now retails normally, without the Amazon Prime experience devices, over $200, it’s about 185 with that. You’re getting something that’s got dual steroid speakers, some really nice speakers for you with that here. They’re running the Snapdragon 625 processor so it’s the same processor on the Blackberry Key One. You’re going to get a really fast and snappy experience and also this can support VR so they’ve got a lot of VR initiatives that Alcatel likes to push and you can do that with this device as well. You’ve got a fingerprint sensor on the back. It’s got a really nice finish and build, I really like the accents you get with this. Also, you’ve got some really nice solid cameras front and the rear. I think overall you’re going to like this device, especially paying out at 180 or so for this. I think it’s pretty solid.

Now, if you guys have any questions about these devices let me know because I have to say they are really a nice selection of devices all the way through. We have links for you guys down below so if you want to pick one up, you don’t want to spend a lot of money, sub-$200, definitely pick one of these up.


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Nokia 6:

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