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Best Actor/Actress

Now, we enter the Hall of Fame: Best Actor/Actress.

This is the stuff of legends – the time when you know you have made it. Your a lead, and the best lead. It is the stuff dreams are made of. How you know you have earned your way into greatness. So – Lets cut to the chase – and after the previous appetizers, lets give you a main course of pure bliss.

Best Actor
This is a decorated crowd of people who (for the most part) have yet to win an Oscar (Except Morgan Freeman for Million Dollar Baby). But, in his role as Nelson Mandela in “Invictus” he will not win this year. Nor will Oscar newcomer Jeremy Renner for “The Hurt Locker”; though he was solid, he was not exceptional.

That leaves us 3.

In “Up in the Air” has George Clooney living as a man on an island on the go, but the role offers clooney more range then we have seen from him since (possibly) ER (Or maybe ever). His portrayal of protagonist Ryan Bingham’s lonely existence makes us feel sorry for him, but beyond that appreciative for ourselves and how lucky we have it. But – Not a winner.

The last 2 on this list I have not seen. I wish I had but – alas – I could not get my hands on the films. Judging by History – however – I will say that biopics (even ones that take liberties) do well with the Academy – especially about singers, where the actors and actresses have to sing. I doubt things change this time through.

Best Actress
Potentially the most talented of all the groups, historically speaking. Best Actresses have to be the brightest spot of any film to win. Is Gabourey Sidibe of this ilk? Not currently – but maybe someday. Is Sandra Bullock Academy Award quality in “the Blind Side”? Solid, but nothing is really unexpectedly great about her doing a Tennesee accent. What about newcomer Carey Mulligan? She was wonderful in “And Education” but… nothing about this screamed wow.

Who does win?

Well, how about the most decorated living actress? 2 Academy Awards (On 13 Nominations) 6 Golden Globes, and a list of other awards that longer then my… well, lets just say it is a long list. And for a reason – she is good. Like Michael Jordan in 1997 good. Like Reggie Jackson in October 1977 good. Like Bill Russell… Well, anytime he was on a basketball court. An otherworldy goodness. That is what Meryl Streep is.

MY PICK: Jeff Bridges

MY PICK: Meryl Streep

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