Belkin N900 DB Wireless Router Review & Setup

n900 The N900 establishes a powerful, rock-solid ecosystem that lets everybody live their online lives to the fullest. IntelliStream technology prioritizes video and gaming—great for home theater, for smooth, picture-perfect streaming multimedia, advanced gaming, fast downloading and uploading. For even the busiest household, the N900 has power to spare. The best aspects of the Belkin N900 DB router is its ease of setup. the software installation and network setup is a breeze as seen in the video review.In terms of performance, I currently have close to 10 device connected wirelessly and four wired with no dip in connectivity or speed. Overall the Belkin D900 is a very solid wireless network Router that afford you two separate Wireless channels with a guest channel as a proven work horse .

Automatically prioritizes video and gaming for uninterrupted high-speed streaming.

Maximum performance and transfer speeds for accessing external USB hard drives.

Wirespeed Routing
Download at gigabit† speeds and stream from multiple
devices at the same time.
Simultaneous 450Mbps + 450Mbps* data streaming delivers maximum video speed.

600MHz Processor
Powerful processing for media-intensive multitasking.

High-powered signal for optimized video streaming from multiple devices, virtually anywhere in your home.

Modem Port

USB Connection Indicators

2 USB 2.0 Ports – For ultimate transfer speeds

Power Port

4 Gigabit Ports – For Maximum network speeds

Reset Button

Air Vents – Support high-performance processing