Battle Vid: Nokia Lumia 1020 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Lumia 1020 vs GS4-2 It is inevitable that we Battle out and compare the Nokia Lumia 1020 to the Samsung Galaxy S4. The main focus will be on the cameras for both devices with the Lumia’s stellar 41 megapixel camera and the Galaxy S4’s 13 megapixel shooter. But before we jump in a little more about these devices

Lumia 1020: 4.5 720p Puremotion HD+ display. dual-core snapdragon processor, 2GB of ram (Nice bump). A 1.2MP HD wide-angles front facing camera and yes the icing on the cake is the 41 megapixel camera. Nokia did just pack in megapixel for this camera. This is a Pureview camera with built in Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), with an active shutter, Dual Xenon flash and LED Flash. Check out full review here

Galaxy S4: The Galaxy S4 is packed with more features I can remember in a smartphone; both software and hardware. On the hardware side the galaxy S4 features  a 5-inch 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) Super AMOLED panel which offers a pixel density of 441 ppi. SG4 is powered by a 1.9 Quad-core snapdragon processor with 2GB of ram; offering a very smooth and sleek use experience with zero to no lag or slow down. The device also house a 13 megapixel camera. Check out the full review here