Battle Vid: Moto G vs Lumia 520

Moto G vs Lumia 520-2 The battle for the low end smartphone is here and will continue well into 2014. Nokia was the first to set camp with its Lumia 521/520 smartphone that is priced at $100 and well under during this past holiday season. Motorola has jumped into the fray with the Moto G the company’s first budget handset priced @ $179 for 8GB & $200 for 16GB, running Android 4.4. Both device are available for those prices out of contract.  So today we find ouch with the is the best bang for your buck in low cost smartphones.

Lumia 521/520: The  which is exclusive to T- is  low-end  Windows Phone  device is equipped with a 4-inch 800 x 480-pixel display, a dual-core 1GHz processor and a 5-megapixel rear camera (720p). The handset also includes 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, a microSD slot, HSPA+ 21Mbps connectivity and the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Moto G:While the Moto G retails for $170 for 8GB & $200 for 16GB with no microsd expansion. Make no mistake the Moto G is not a stripped down version of the Moto X. It is got a quad-core processor Snapdragon 400) with 1GB of ram and performs very well. I noticed no over heating during gameplay session of Real Racing 3 & Modern Combat 4. Also battery life is impeccable, with the Moto G matching Motorola’s claim of all day battery life ( I mean 24hrs and still gong strong).