“Batman V Superman”: Batman’s New Backstory Revealed?

Ben-Affleck-Batman-vs-Superman  According to Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest, when Dawn of Justice begins, Batman will have existed for about 30 years – putting Bruce Wayne in his fifties, in terms of age (Note the grey temples in the set photo above). Batman has apparently operated from the shadows, and has never been actually seen or photographed; however, the Batcave and certain iconic objects (a Robin suit on display) will hint at the Dark Knight’s long history of fighting crime. (SIDE NOTE: The report also notes that Wonder Woman has also been operating in secret for some time.)


This description fits in line with early details that claimed we would indeed see an older,  seasoned Batman in the film – while later rumors pointed to that same weary Batman having retired from active duty in favor of commanding an army of crime fighting drones. One wonders if that latter part is also true.


Via Screenrant