AT&T Pantech Discover Review

IMG_5512 A quick glance at the Pantech Discover is enough to make anyone want it. Its slim profile, dual speaker setup and rubberized back cover deliver a mash-up of functionality and style that will impress most users. Add to this its amazing price and AT&T might just have a winner here.

While the specifications of the discover are not ground breaking, a few stand out features are present. Lets begin with the camera. The 12.6 rear facing camera is at once, the most appealing feature on this device, producing what might be the best looking pics from an android device. The camera settings were intuitive, however, it was a little disappointed with the manual options available. ( I couldn’t find the ISO settings on the camera app, let me know if you do).

Another standout feature of this device is the battery life, while spotting a standard 3.8v Lithium ion battery, I found that this device outlasted my everyday use phone (GS3) a single charge, under normal use, took me through a day and a half. That alone might be the greatest selling point of this device.

The Pantech Easy experience is a somewhat useful feature which turns your Smartphone in a feature phone of sorts. Limiting the available apps and presenting a simplified user interface. This will be helpful for users who might be intimidated by a full featured Smartphone, but might want a more powerful phone down the line.

On the downside the LCD display, while standard at 4.8 inches, and supporting a resolution of 1280X720, does not display colors as expected. When compared to similar devices / screens, the screen appears faded and cheap.

With a slew of appealing features and a subpar screen, the price of this device is what really brings everything together. At 49.99 USD with a two year contract with AT&T, there is almost no reason not to move the Pantech Discover to the top of your list when considering a new smart phone.


Sample photos from Pantech Discover

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