AT&T Daybreak Giveaway- Nokia-Purity headphones

daybreak AT&T has been on a roll lately with new products and services. Now they have something new in the form of a very cool web series called Daybreak which  premiered two weeks ago, introducing the viewers to Ben Wilkins and the webisode ended leaving him in a difficult position. Chapter Two aired last Thursday and Chapter Three will air this Thursday at 8pm eastern at

Daybreak is an interactive story about the magic of technology and its power to transform our lives and aid us in reaching our highest potential. “Daybreak” was created by Tim Kring, co-creator of the hit TV shows “Touch,”  “Heroes” and “Crossing Jordan.” It’s being directed by Jon Cassar, best known for “24.”  Kring drew inspiration for “Touch” and “Daybreak” while touring AT&T Labs. For years, Kring has touted “transmedia storytelling”– essentially telling stories across multiple platforms (TV, magazines, games, unique Web content, etc.). Experiencing firsthand the inventions at AT&T Labs, he realized he would be able to take that idea further and use new technologies both within his series and via Web connected devices to tell help further enrich the content and engage the viewer.

Today one lucky viewer gets a chance to win pair of Over-the-Ear Nokia-Purity headphones and a SkinIT gift card

What you have to do? Watch Webisode 1 & 2 and tell me how you will use AT&T technology to escape capture from the Throne.


Must live and be a resident of the U.S.A

Contest will end at 12pm EST 06/15/12

Winner announced via twitter & Facebook on 06/15/12 @ 1pm EST


Webisode 1

Webisode 2