AT&T BlackBerry Q10 Review

AT&T BlackBerry Q10-4 The AT&T Blackberry Q10 like its Verizon Counterpart, sports BlackBerry’s famous QWERTY physical keyboard that actually feels as good as it has ever been.  The five row keyboard actually blends well with the 3-inch 720×720  touchscreen that  actually creates a nice balance of both worlds. The Q10 is no slouch underneath the hood, packing the same internals as the Z10 with a dual-core processor and 2GB of ram with 16GB of storage expandable via microSD. Peek at all your messages in one place from any app. Simply swipe left-to-right from the home screen for a quick peek or swipe up and right from within an app to get back to the Hub. You can reply or snap back to what you were doing without skipping a beat.BlackBerry 10 supercharges the classic BlackBerry Keyboard with next word suggestions, multiple language support, and keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation. Just enter the first few letters for commands and the Q10 Instant Action feature automatically opens up the app or function.