Andru Dark & Chill Wall Chargers

DSC00020 Not all chargers are created equal. I fell in love with Andru at CTIA, and now he has siblings! Meet Andru Dark and Andru Chill by Gen and Salom America, who have been making OEM chargers for 40 years.

While the original Andru is the Android green, Andru Dark Edition is black with red eyes (or amber while in standby), and Andru Chill is white with blue eyes (or green during standby). Each of these little dudes have moveable arms and flexible antennae. Each model comes with the 2.5″ tall Andru, USB/micro USB cable, and stand. The stand protects the prongs, helps Andru stand upright, but also helps you store the cable. The input is 120~240V AC, output is 5V/1A DC, Level V efficiency, and very low standby power. Keep your eye out for future attachments such as adapter to Apple products.

Lets talk about actual use. With so many micro usb chargers out there, you will find that some are NOT compatible with all micro usb products, or they charge more slowly. I have not found this to be the case with Andru at all. I have approximately 10 chargers at home at any given time, but consistently use the Andru the most. For example, a different manufacturer’s charger does NOT work on my Blackberry Playbook, yet the Andru does. This has to be one of my most reliable chargers to date, and has even survived my sister with two kids so far.

Admit it, he is adorable!! “Dark” reminds me of a cross between Knight Rider and Darth Vader, and “Chill” is like a cute little snowman. You can purchase them at either or at, and they retail for $25.