Altaz Micro-Fi Speaker Review

IMG_0223 I fell in love with the look of the Altaz Micro-Fi Portable Speakers at CE week. I’ve always loved vintage wood furniture, so these were just my style. As always, I love keeping an eye out for something unique, but these have a nice old-school look. I just used them all weekend to blast music during my apartment cleaning whirlwind.

Included in the box are the speakers, audio cable connecting the two speakers, and audio/USB  to connect to your music source and to charge. Coming soon will be the ipod/phone bluetooth companion dock. With the launch of the dock, there will also be an iphone app which will transform your iphone wallpaper to the look of an old speaker system.

The micro-fi speakers are made of real wood, replicas of old style speakers. The specifications are 7.5″ x 4.3″ x 3″ in dimension,  2w+2w audio wattage, 5volt, rechargeable through mini USB, with a 500mAh like-polymer battery the, and 180Hz-20KHz frequency response. The sound quality was excellent. Although they are still small, and I wonder of there is a volume control with the dock coming soon. Alone, the speakers are definitely loud enough across a few rooms in my apartment, but may not be loud enough for a cookout for example. Quality wise, they were both crisp and clear and better bass than he other set in my kitchen.

Along with the speakers, features Altaz folks threw in a couple of stylus, model CF6, which come in all black, or black and gold. They’re made of carbon fiber and are extremely light weight.

And nice surprise was the product packaging. Altaz uses recycled materials “with a purpose”. “Don’t throw out the packaging. See what’s inside”. The speaker box is reusable as a credit holder, or for just odds and ends. The stylus packaging transforms into a desktop holder for the stylus itself, which was fun outing together as a little craft project.

So far I am very impressed with the quality and style of Altaz products and packaging, and can’t wait to see what they have along the pipeline.