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All U.S. Android phones to receive Android 2.1, but some will require a wipe


Via AndroidandMe

Considering over 80% of our readers with Android phones are running an outdated version of the operating system, I think most of you will find this interesting.

There has been some confusion over which phones would receive an Android 2.1 update and I am partially to blame. I authored a post way back in August that called into question the G1’s ability to receive future updates. Google eventually found a way to make Donut (Android 1.6) fit on the G1 and I was proven wrong. Since that time, I have maintained that the full version Eclair (Android 2.x) may not be possible on the T-Mobile G1.

After talking with several inside sources familiar with the matter, I would like to report that every Android phone currently released in the United States will be receiving an upgrade to Android 2.1.

Some phones could be missing features of Android 2.1 (live wallpapers), but they will all have an Android 2.1 firmware.

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