D-Link Introduces New Ultra Wi-Fi SmartAsk


D-Link today unveiled the Ultra Wi-Fi SmartAsk (DAT-A55), the newest member of their Ultra Wi-Fi Series, and a stunning new addition to the Connected Home experience. Running on D-Link’s proprietary Aggressive Intelligence engine, SmartAsk, called Vance (Voice Activated Network intelligenCe Electronic), is an excessively self-confident, self-learning, voice-controlled smart device that provides deep psychological insights1, full schedule integration, trend aggregation, and bio-data tracking – all with a touch of English charm2.

“The Ultra Wi-Fi SmartAsk is an almost disturbingly intelligent Connected Home device that completely redefines what a Smart Home is capable of,” said Oscar Reyes, associate vice president of marketing, D-Link. “The first time it offers unprompted advice, or corrects one of your choices, that’s when it hits you – SmartAsk is the future of the Connected Home.”

SmartAsk scans calendars, music selections, and social media activity to build a profile of its owner, providing thoughtful recommendations and efficient time management on everything from dietary choices to wardrobe options. And with 107 feet of crystal clear night-vision, the SmartAsk is able to keep an eye on anyone and everything in your home, 24 hours a day.

“It never stops learning, listening and watching,” said Reyes. “Never.”


More about the Ultra Wi-Fi SmartAsk:

  • Dynamic Home Intelligence with a touch of English charm
  • A Wi-Fi smart device that learns and grows with you
  • Possesses deep knowledge of human psychology and weakness
  • Voice-activated commands for hands-free convenience – even responds without you asking it to!
  • Keeps you on track with fitness and calorie goals
  • 107 feet of night-vision – it’s always watching
  • Built-in real time trend aggregation engine
  • Self-learning and self-correcting in a way we’re not entirely comfortable with


Availability and Pricing

The Ultra Wi-Fi SmartAsk is available now3 for the low price of $117.94 through D-Link’s vast network of etail and retail partners. Detailed specifications can be found at shop.us.dlink.com/SmartAsk for additional product information.

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