Gaming on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Gaming on Samsung Galaxy S4-2 Gaming on a mobile devices has become a major part of smartphones today. The increase in power and memory has ensured that you phone is now a very capable gaming device. The Galaxy S4 (US edition) with its snapdragon processor and 2GB of ram is put to the test in this video. With games like Modern combat 4, Zombie Kill  and Iron man 3.

A few things to note about the Galaxy S4, the system runs very hot while gaming and is quiet noticeable. Also it can be a battery hog when gaming for a considerable amount of time.

When we take about gaming, the SG4 handles things like a beast, not frame rate drops, smooth gameplay and solid handling. I had no issue with any other games played and the system handles games very well other than the heating issue. As a mobile gaming system the Galaxy S4 is fantastic for your gaming needs